Generis Tek Mortgae Services

What is it?

Mortgage resources take a calculated risk and do their best in determining if a prospective borrower adheres to their loan program guidelines. Wrong judgements can cost loan defaults and heavy loses to the banks. Mortgage talents not only have to be good with IT to adapt new software but also have strong analytical skills. Generís Tek can provide you with mortgage professionals that will form a core part of your corporate team. We thoroughly evaluate our mortgage consultants before they are placed on assignments. We want to partner with you and have the capability to fill positions across several mortgage positions.

What We Offer

Mortgage Prepayment & Default Quantitative Modeler

Mortgage Prepayment & Default Quantitative Modeler has experience of developing prepayment and default behavior models for agency and non-agency mortgages, and the development of mortgage products and risk models.

Foreclosure Specialist

Foreclosure Specialist has experienced with monitoring and managing the foreclosure process for a piece of real estate.

Risk and Controls Associate

Risk and Controls Associate are experienced to provide research and analysis across several Risk Management functions or processes including interpreting policies and processes, determining required actions and making recommendations.

Mortgage Escrow Specialist I Mortgage Compliance Specialist

Mortgage Compliance Specialist is experienced to assist with researching and reviewing forms, disclosures, and other documents to validate information and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Mortgage claims specialist

Mortgage claims specialist has experience to file required claims, meet investor time frames, and complete audits of claims processes for validation.

Corporate Credit Risk Analyst

Corporate Credit Risk Analyst is experienced to assess the creditworthiness of an individual or company.

Loan processor

Loan processor is experienced and responsible for evaluating, authorizing approval or deny applications for people or businesses.

Corporate Operational Risk Analyst-Mortgage Segment

Corporate Operational Risk Analyst-Mortgage Segment has experience in evaluating financial documents, economic conditions and potential clients.

Quality Control Auditor

Quality Control Auditor is experienced with developing and implementing quality control audit plans & identifying testing parameters for products.


Underwriter is experienced in reviewing and verifying loan applications and supporting documentation & analyzing loan risk and requesting additional information as necessary.

How We deliver

Staff Augmentation

We find the digital / creative / marketing concept, design & content contingent experts for you to supplement your core teams.

Direct hire

Direct Placement

We leverage your employer brand and our jointly curated talent pools to source, screen, onboard as an employer-of-record, and manage consultant engagement.

Bulk staffing


We set up the whole team, and let you manage the way that you would like.

Reach out to us today for help finding the best talent.

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