Human Resources

What is it?

HR professionals have to administer the most complex area in an organization which is not limited to safeguarding integrity and business ethics but also attracting talent and help creating a performance driven work culture. With employees looking at greater flexibility, growth and mobility, HR professionals have to figure out the right strategy to find talent and retain them. As millennials in the workforce continue to increase, HR teams have to work harder to provide development opportunities, geographic flexibility and right working structure.
Generís Tek can help you with your Human resource needs. We want to partner with you and have the capability to fill positions across several human resource functions

What We Offer

Human Resources Specialist

Human Resource Specialist is experienced to administer the organizations payroll system to include establishing new hire account and deactivate separated accounts, who also provides training for all employees on correct use of the payroll system and work with the vendor on system issues.

HRIS Business Analyst

HRIS Business Analyst is experienced to oversee databases, software, and computer systems that companies use to manage their human resources. Also analyses HRIS systems, monitors performance, and resolves issues & assist to HR managers.

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Talent Acquisition Coordinator is experienced in coordinating with hiring managers to identify staffing needs. Determining selection criteria. Sourcing potential candidates through online channels e.g. social platforms and professional networks.

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Managers is experienced to help ensure customers receive exceptional service while the business's sales goals are supported also work to develop and implement customer service strategies that will increase sales while providing a positive experience for all customers.

HR Specialist – Employee Relations

HR Specialist – Employee Relations is experienced with managing labor relations within an office environment. Also they are responsible for offering counseling services to employees, participating in the recruitment process and conducting exit interviews.

Payroll and Benefits Administrator

Payroll and Benefits Administrator is experienced with payroll and benefit account maintenance, vacation, sick time accruals, reconciliations and reports they also maintains the data accuracy of the payroll system and full cycle processing of bi-weekly payroll for employees, including year-end and audits.

Human Services Casework Manager

Human Services Casework Manager is experienced with skills to manage employees requests and questions, where they also resolve requests or queries an employee submits.


HR Business Partner is experienced with streamlining HR functions, reporting on HR metrics, enhancing workforce retention, predicting staffing needs, managing termination processes, managing risk, ensuring staff wellness, and ensuring compliance regulations.

Corporate Recruiter

Corporate Recruiter has experience for filling open positions for an organization. They conduct the process from the stage of locating potential applicants via various sources, such as social media or resume banks, to interviewing and offering positions to qualified applicants.

HR Generalist

HR Generalist has experience with a broad range of responsibilities covering most of the daily HR functions, including hiring, compensation and benefits, HR administration, including interviewing staff, administering pay, benefits, and leave, and enforcing company policies and practices.

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager has experience with improving customer service experience, create engaged customers and facilitate growth & are responsible in taking ownership of customers issues and following problems through to resolution setting a clear mission and deploying strategies focused towards that mission.

Diversity Consultant

Diversity Consultant is experienced in creating an assessment of current demographics and company goals, and provide recommendations on how to reach those goals & also are responsible for engaging the public through a company's media channels, working as a PR agent to bolster the brand's image.

How We deliver

Staff Augmentation

We find the digital / creative / marketing concept, design & content contingent experts for you to supplement your core teams.

Direct hire

Direct Placement

We leverage your employer brand and our jointly curated talent pools to source, screen, onboard as an employer-of-record, and manage consultant engagement.

Bulk staffing

Bulk Staffing

We set up the whole team, and let you manage the way that you would like.

Reach out to us today for help finding the best talent.

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