SOW/Bulk Staffing Services

Statement of Work/Bulk Staffing

With the ever changing technology and IT demands, most businesses can’t keep up with the continuous technical advances. Generís Tek can offer experts in a specific technology for a one-time project basis to help accomplish your business goals. In this offering clients have an option to ramp up and ramp down as per their project needs. To keep the control of the project, the entire deliverable is managed and controlled by the client that results in increased productivity, quality assurance, risk mitigation, on time and lower costs.

Here are our key strengths that help us deliver for your bulk needs:

  • We can help fill your niche IT skills with quick turnaround time. We have strong capability in providing talent in application development, infrastructure services, testing, business intelligence & analytics, ERP and Emerging technologies.

  • Our sales team will work very closely with the engagement managers to get a clear outline of the staffing needs on key items including project start date, skills and experience, day to day expectations and length of the project.

  • Our sales team will also get a clear forecasting from the engagement managers to understand the exact number of employees that would be required for the project. This will help us pipeline the candidates that need to be delivered at various points in the project.

  • Post hire our sales team will have regular check-ins with our employees to ensure that we help address issues/concerns and keep things on track.

Our Experience Of Staffing

We have 15 years of experience providing talented professionals to several Fortune 1000 clients. We have a solid database of qualified candidates that can be provided to our clients in quick turnaround time. Our fundamental success lies in understanding our clients’ specific needs and working very closely with our consultants to create a right fit for both sides.
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