Generis Tek Sales and Marketing Services

What is it?

Sales drives the revenue and growth of any organization. Top notch sales teams are professional, rightly compensated, supported by a strong marketing engine and empowered to act to ultimately serve the client. They enhance the efforts of your manufacturing, cutting edge technology, tight financial goals and strategic management decisions.
Generís Tek can provide you with sales and marketing professionals that will add to your bottom line. We thoroughly evaluate our marketing and sales consultants before they are placed on assignments. We want to partner with you and have the capability to fill positions across several sales positions.

What We Offer

Director of Sales and Marketing

Director of Sales and Marketing has experience to oversee an organization's sales and marketing programs also develops strategic sales and marketing objectives & establishes sales territories and quotas, manages budgets and evaluates sales performance.

Event Marketing & Sales Manager

Event Marketing & Sales Manager has experience to generate unique sales plans, creating engaging advertisements, emails, and promotional literature, developing pricing strategies, and meeting marketing and sales human resource objectives

Field service specialist

Field service specialist has experience to troubleshoot, test and analyze complex issues related to uninterruptible power systems, repair and maintain robotic controllers, transfer devices, automation equipment, peripheral equipment and mechanical units.

District Sales Manager

District Sales Manager has experienced to lead sales teams and ensure that company sales objectives are met.

Trade Show and Events Specialist

Trade Show and Events Specialist has experience to organize and manage industry-specific exhibitions where businesses gather to market their products or services.

Marketing coordinator

Marketing coordinator has experience for creating and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns.

Director of B2B Marketing

Director of B2B Marketing are experienced to oversee marketing lead generation, also they provide short and long term market forecasts, reports, and trends to assist business development.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager are experienced in developing strategic marketing campaigns to help achieve business results and collaborating with different stakeholders.

How We deliver

Staff Augmentation

We find the digital / creative / marketing concept, design & content contingent experts for you to supplement your core teams.

Direct hire

Direct Placement

We leverage your employer brand and our jointly curated talent pools to source, screen, onboard as an employer-of-record, and manage consultant engagement.

Bulk staffing

Bulk Staffing

We set up the whole team, and let you manage the way that you would like.

Reach out to us today for help finding the best talent.

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