Talent Acquisition:

Work environment is changing tremendously where by the year 2020 its projected that 40% of the US labor market will be dominated by contingent labor. The evolvement has accelerated in this past decade where employers who are seeking top talent can no longer afford to limit their search to traditional employees. The mix of full time, part time and contingent resources continues to evolve where by today 31% of US workers are by choice working as consultants. As employers continue their growth mode the talent shortage problem is going to stay significant and is not going to subside in the near future. Today’s employees are upwardly mobile and are in constant search of better work life balance. Millennials are drastically changing what companies have to provide from development opportunities, geography and working structure. In this ever changing human resource market, Generís Tek can help supplement your talent acquisition needs.

Generís Tek offers wide scope of services from strategizing to implementing that addresses these unique workforce challenges. Our professionals quickly adapt to clients work culture and become a core part of their team. We hire professionals as well as fresh grads from various disciplines to meet our client’s demands. Our focus is to create and manage a seamless stream of resources for a diverse, global, and effective talent pool. Working closely with our clients has enabled them to achieve their strategic objectives, leverage technological innovation and be cost effective.

We have 15 years of experience providing IT and Professional talents to several Fortune 1000 clients. We have a solid database of qualified candidates that can be provided to our clients in quick turnaround time. Our fundamental success lies in understanding our clients’ specific needs and working very closely with our consultants to create a right fit for both sides.


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